Animaux Speciaux — Apothekerskaars



Oude, amberkleurige apothekerspotten gevuld met de meest mysterieuze geuren.

Old world Apothecary bottles in deep amber are filled with the perfect remedy of fragrance. Travel tins in gold make the quintessential pillbox to complete your traveling pharmacy. Offered in eight distinctive fragrance blends.

Paddywax Vetiver & Cardamom Apothecary Glass Candle is a luxurious hand-poured candle with a therapeutic earthy scent.

Beautifully presented in a vintage inspired apothecary jar, Vetiver & Cardamom Apothecary Glass Candle feature's Paddywax's signature Soy Wax blend which burns evenly and offers up to 60 hours of indulgent fragrance.

Designed to add some old world charm and a real vintage feel to your decor, Tobacco & Patchouli Apothecary Glass Candle utilises Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts of tobacco & patchouli to create a relaxing ambience with earthy notes.

When lit, Apothecary Glass Candle creates a beautiful soft glow through the deep amber glass to warm the atmosphere of any room.

Tip: When the last flicker of light has gone out why not reuse the amber apothecary jar as a small vase or for storing everyday essentials.


  • Amber & Smoke
  • Geranium & Basil
  • Tobacco & Patchouli Sold Out
  • Vetiver & Cardamom
  • Chamomile & Fig