Animaux Speciaux — Treasures of the entomologist: The Rhinoceros I

Treasures of the entomologist: The Rhinoceros I


The entomologist is a person who studies or is an expert in the branch of zoology concerned with insects."

‘entomologists have identified 800,000 different insect species’

The workshop of an entomologist is definitely one of the curioust places you can imagine on the world. Wondering about how they preserve insects with the help of numerous needles we tried to capture the glory of this craftsmanship of preserving Death. In this profession you need to have an eye for the meticulous and work with great caution. All creatures are extremely fragile.

This brass box sieged with the softest velvet you can find around contains a wonderful, exotic Rhinoceros beetle. However the true purpose of this 'box of wonder' has a great significance. It is about a concept of which we understand so little and which no one can overcome: Time.

We're only here for a short period of time. You conquer time only when you die. If you understand that life is not endless, you'll start doing wat you truly need to do. Ow, and don't forget to cherish your loved ones!


by Jeroen Lemaitre